You should watch… The Coral - “1000 Years” - Music Video

I never really thought I’d like these guys but I’m gonna side with Mojo on this one and say that I think they’ve made their first good record with this fourth album. Ok Mojo didn’t say exactly that but they should hire me so they can cuz it’s the fucking truth man. Plus then I’d get paid to do what I do best and that’s love and/or hate on rock n’ roll. Just like The Jesus & Mary Chain I love rock n’ roll and I hate rock n’ roll (cept I don’t have the slob factor of William), it’s given me everything in one sense and absolute nothing in another. But I have no regrets, I am where I am cuz this where my heart led me. It’s not the easiest place to be in and I’m got a small financial hole to climb my way out of it, but I wouldn’t trade where I’ve been, seen and who I am because of it for anything. I will be honest, I’ve had a blast. And aside from being pretty broke, I’ve never been happier and had more fun with my friends. And my best friend Vanessa, I’ve never had a person in my life that I loved, laughed or went downtown with as much as I do with her… wait a minute, I was talking about The Coral whom I know NOTHING about. Cept I guess they lost a guitar player before this record was made and that changed their sound a lot. From the sounds of this single a whole lot better. I like it, it could be the drugs talking (that were forced on me) but I doubt it cuz they’re wearing off and I still like it. Someone send me this LP to review, Mojo hire me & Vanessa I love you and I’m really happy with our life. Never been happier.

Before you blast me in the comments for being a pussy… I’m being honest and I had to say all of that. Fact. If you didn’t like it, don’t read this site.

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