One of the more bad ass things Buddyhead put it’s name on… The Rama Mayo prank call… it’s HEAVY! It’s real! It’s sad! It’s a rollercoaster of emotions… #sexpistols #theexplosion #punkrock #prankcalls #pranks #punkrock The best part is this will never go away… and it’ll aways be funny… to most people. “Are you joking? Or no?”

That one time @goldenvoice slipped up and let me DJ @coachella the year that The Jesus and Mary Chain reformed (2007) and I realized after that my DJ career was going to be downhill from there so I retired. Thanks to @darewreck for saving this little memory for me, love ya dude! #coachella #2007 #goldenvoice #superstarDJ #DJ #retiredDJs #buddyhead #domeschedule

We Are Hex - “Birthplace of the Mystics” | @wearehex

Yeah this is from a few years ago but it’s still rad, wait til you hear their new full length….get excited.

If you know me, then you know I’m no fan of Sonic Youth and therefore no fan of Thurston Moore (I mean are there really any Thurston Moore fans that aren’t totally backing Sonic Youth? I think not!). Sure I owned “Goo”, “Dirty” & “Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star”, but hey that was before puberty plus man, when you used to sign up for Columbia House (and I used to do it a few times a month) they only had so many good albums to pick through for your 12 free records/tapes (which is why I used to yank the adds outta like five different magazines so I’d have some variety). Plus Sonic Youth was always that band you were supposed to like cuz of who they were friends with or cuz of who they got signed to a major label. And I’m not here to rag on Sonic Youth, I just never connected with them very much. Sure I could compile a greatest hits album and pull ten songs from their entire career output that I dig. That video with Jason Lee skateboarding was cool man (<A href=””>”100%”</a>) but they completely lost me by the time that making a record to them was banging some spoons together. The negative part is over now for the record…

But in this video interview I’ve posted below…… Thurston, who’s interviewed by David Browne (some dude who isn’t Stevie Chick who also wrote a book on Sonic Youth) for PUNKCAST #1382, says some really cool, inspiring shit, shit you need to hear… not just listen to, hear! Understand the difference? For a guy who doesn’t like The Rolling Stones, drugs or sex Thurston sure does come off pretty damn likeable… I mean I wanna hang with Thurston Moore now, someone make that shit happen for me! At least we both heart The Who, we’ve got that in common. Enjoy, get inspired, create cool shit!


I reviewed the new album from Swans - “To Be Kind”, you can steam the whole record here too (yep, I know about Youtube!)

Check out my new playlist for beatsmusic called “Girls Don’t Lose” which is a collection of songs from some of my favorite female musicians… Oh yeah!

Travis reviewed the new album &#8220;Indie Cindy&#8221; by Pixies @pixies Axl Sez?

Travis reviewed the new album “Indie Cindy” by Pixies @pixies Axl Sez?

Stephen Sunday reviewed the new Horrors LP “Luminous” @horrorsofficial @stephensunday stephensunday AXL SEZ:

Chris Checkman pens Buddyhead&#8217;s first ever sports related article&#8230; it&#8217;s about gay football players&#8230; comments and let your voices be heard!


Chris Checkman pens Buddyhead’s first ever sports related article… it’s about gay football players… comments and let your voices be heard!

Thursday May 15th, 2014: HOWLS @wearehowls + Sex Helicopter + Yasi Cultist LIVE at The Spare Room for @theburningear&#8217;s Thursday night!

Thursday May 15th, 2014: HOWLS @wearehowls + Sex Helicopter + Yasi Cultist LIVE at The Spare Room for @theburningear’s Thursday night!


First off, their record comes out TOMORROW via BUDDYHEAD. Buy that shit on Itunes or any other place that sells digital music. LP will be out later this year. But in the meantime, buy it digitally and support our scene.
There’s a really cool interview with Christian up today on Ground Sounds and they’re streaming the album in full as well. Link:
TONIGHT at 7pm, Anna and Christian will both be interviewed live via Google Hangout with Way Too Indie. Check out details HERE and please feel free to spread the word.
They will also be playing live in Hollywood on Thursday night at the Spare Room (inside The Roosevelt Hotel) as part of the Burning Ear’s (music blog) Thursday night music series. 
And make sure to follow and like these dudes all over the internet… here’s a few links fer ya:
twitter: @wearehowls
Stephen Sunday reviewed the new Pains For Being Pure At Heart LP

Stephen Sunday reviewed the new Pains For Being Pure At Heart LP